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In 2000, Galen and Patricia Horst began a family owned and operated welding business, Whitewater Welding, at Foresters Falls, Ontario. In addition to local welding and repair jobs, we manufactured the Horstline lineup of dump trailers and more.

In 2009, however, we sold the shop and business, with the Horstline product line, to a former employee. This allowed us to focus on other equipment we were manufacturing, including the DumpDek blow decks and Picus bedding choppers.

Following this significant, careful business transfer, we purchased a family farm near Palmer Rapids, in the beautiful Madawaska Highlands on the edge of the Ottawa Valley, and built a shop to continue fabricating the DumpDek and Picus brands.

Picus straw choppers are patented and marketed by Picus, Ltd., of Chrysler Ontario. G. Horst Enterprise sells DumpDek blow decks, generally directly to farmers. Visit dumpdek.com for more info.

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